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Chapter 4: Not Exactly as Planned

It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of robberies, drive by shootings, and murders. Two weeks of creepy messages inscribed to you. Two weeks of restless sleep, paranoia, and fighting.

All because Allen L. Jones was on a war path for blood.

The police were doing their best, they said, to catch him. But they always showed up too late, the crime already committed and the perpetrator escaping their grasp yet again.

And at every scene there would be a message for you. Telling you how he dreamed about you. That you were the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen. What you would look like in a wedding dress. Where he might take you once he gets you. How he wants you in his arms.

How you’re his only.

Needless to say, your roommates held you every night and slept in your room. They kept constant vigilance over you, for which you were grateful. You couldn’t imagine what would happen if they lost sight of you and you were left to fend for yourself against Allen…

The two weeks were up, and Allen L. Jones had yet to be caught. It was time to put Gilbert’s plan to the test.

You sighed as you finished writing your note for Allen. Lately, it seems like he had been visiting your place. Both Vlad and Katyusha have mentioned seeing a red haired man sitting in his car down the street, but were both wary and too precautious to check to see if it really was Allen.

You just took their word for it. Wouldn’t put it past him to stalk you.

Because of this, you told the police they couldn’t come to your house and that you would have to have one of your roommates communicate for you if you wanted to talk to them.

You stood up and went to your kitchen window, taping the note on the glass panel. If he had indeed been in the neighborhood, he most likely would come to the house trying to find a way in. You hoped he would see your note.

You turned off the light and walked upstairs, slipping into Katyusha’s room. She was fast asleep, so you quietly got ready for bed and slipped into a sleeping bag on the floor. You set your alarm for 2:00 AM.

Your eyes fluttered closed as bad thoughts swirled in your head.


The tapping of your footsteps echoed across the empty parking lot. Coming to a halt, you observed your surroundings. Waiting. For Allen to come lurking out of the shadows.

You were terrified beyond belief. You hadn’t a clue where the police were hiding, if they were here at all. You tried to plant your feet firmer in the ground to stop your shaking, but it couldn’t be helped.

Out of all the things you were most terrified about, it was his eyes. Those ruby eyes that could tear a man’s soul apart. They were so feral and animalistic; you’ve never come across someone with that same intensity.

You shuddered and shook your head.

“What’s the matta, doll?~ Gnats bothering ya?” His silky voice reached your ears, causing you to stiffen. You peered over your shoulder, and there, standing before you, was Allen L. Jones, the last man you wanted to see.

“You came…” you breathed, fully turning around.

He sneered. “Had to, doll~ Couldn’t bear not seeing your beautiful face in the flesh.” You noticed he was carrying a baseball bat with nails stuck in the end. And what looked like red paint splattered across it.

Something told you that wasn’t red paint.

He started walking towards you and you panicked. You held your hand out. “Stop! Don’t come near me!”

He paused, quirking an amused eyebrow. “What? Can’t go near my kitty cat? I’m just aching to touch ya, doll~”

You tried to ignore his creepy comment and said, “Look, I left the note so that we can talk---”

“You haven’t told the police about our ‘date’ a few weeks back, have ya?” he questioned, narrowing his eyes at you.

“No! I’m not stupid! Do you know how hard it’s been to keep quiet?” you lied (somewhat convincingly). “The police have been grilling every _______________ in town because of your message. But I haven’t said a thing!”

Allen studied you for a moment, then nodded his head in approval. “Good girl, not telling. You’re so obedient. I like that in a woman~”

“Even if I haven’t said anything, the cops will find you! They always catch the bad guys!” you yelled at him.

He chuckled. “Haven’t caught me yet, sweetheart. I’m too good for them.” He winked at you.

Angry and scared, you blurted out, “And stop leaving those messages! They scare me. I haven’t told anyone, so leave me out of this! Please!”

He crossed his arms. “Why, doll? I have to tell you how I feel. And they won’t stop until you’re mine.”

He began approaching you again. You took a step back, but couldn’t move any further. You were paralyzed with fear.

As he closed the distance between you, he continued, “You belong to me, doll. You’re mine only! I’ve waited too long to get you back in my arms. So you’re coming with me now, baby!”

He grabbed your wrist and you cried out in fear. He pulled you close and smashed your lips against his. His eyes closed as he moaned with bliss, his powerful lips moving yours with great force.

You whimpered, trying to struggle out of his grasp. He held you firmer as he kissed you harder.

Several flashes of blue fell in your sight and you mentally sighed with relief. The police closed in on you as Allen kissed you passionately.

He pulled away, opened his eyes, and smirked. “That was-----”

The police pulled him off you and tackled him to the floor. Grabbing his hands, Gilbert handcuffed him.

“Allen L. Jones, you’re under arrest for robbery, assault, and murder. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you….”

As Gilbert told Allen his rights, Elizabeta came up to you and hugged you, comforting you. You looked over at Allen, whose feral eyes were narrowed with intense hatred.

When Gilbert finished, Allen laughed, glaring at you. “You know, doll. They say I’m bad. But really, you’re the naughty one~”

Gilbert began dragging Allen away, but the criminal still continued. “You lied, bad girl! You told the police about me! Naughty girls deserve to be punished. Just wait doll, I’m coming back to punish you, you hear! You’re still mine!”

Gilbert shoved Allen into the car. Allen thrashed in the back seat as the cop car pulled away. Gilbert walked over to you and Elizabeta, clasping a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t worry. He’s locked up now. He won’t be able to hurt you anymore.”

You sighed with relief, wiping your mouth to try to get Allen’s saliva off your lips. As Elizabeta led you over to another squad car, you felt your anxiety and fear slowly melt away.

But, you wouldn’t feel this peace for long.

The word is out you’re doin’ wrong
Gonna lock you up before too long

Bad - Criminal!2p!America x Reader ~ Chapter 4
Allen L. Jones has finally been caught with your help, but will he be put away for life?


Here it is, another chapter! Trust me when I say that this story is far from overlaugh 

Part 3 [Previous]:

Part 5 [Next]:

Hetalia doesn't belong to me!

Chapter 3: To Catch a Criminal

A gentle nudge on your arm jolted you awake. Heart pounding, you shot up in bed with a yelp.

“Woah, _____________, it’s okay! It’s just me!” Vlad put his hands up defensively, red eyes wide at your outburst.

You calmed down and sighed. You had been having a terrible dream about Allen. He had cornered you against a wall again, gun pointing at you. But he had kissed you on the neck this time before he blew your brains out.

“Just...a bad dream, Vlad.” You stood up, heading for the door. Trying to shake off the disturbing dream, you proclaimed, “I’m starving! Let’s eat!”

Vlad followed behind as you two traveled downstairs. Your somewhat good mood fell when you saw two strangers in the kitchen. The gold badges on their blue uniforms caught the kitchen lights, clearly showing the world POLICE etched on them.

“Hello, are you Ms. ___(Last Name)___?” the male cop asked, taking a sip of coffee.

You nodded dumbly. The police were here. That meant someone called them-----

You saw Katyusha out of the corner of your eye. She looked at you sorrowfully, apologizing with her eyes. Antonio appeared beside her, then guided the blonde out of the kitchen. Vlad followed their lead, leaving you alone with the cops.

“We’d like to ask you a few questions concerning the criminal Allen. L. Jones,” the female officer continued, pulling out a recorder and notepad.

You sighed shakily, muttering an “Okay.” Your heart pounded as the three of you sat down. You knew you were digging your own grave by telling the cops about Allen. But you couldn’t turn them away, you’d look suspicious. So the only option left was to tell them of your encounter with one of the FBI’s most wanted.

“Your friend said you had an altercation with Mr. Jones. Can you please describe it?” the female officer asked.

You launched into your story, telling them all the details as accurately and as honestly as you could.

“And he didn’t hurt you in any way?” the male officer interjected.

“I..I guess not,” you said. “Like I said, he had me at gunpoint and pulled the trigger, but no bullet came out. He cradled my face with the gun and he grabbed my chin, if that counts as hurting. He also...kissed the corner of my mouth, which was really weird and uncomfortable,” you rambled.

The cops looked at each other, as if they had just realized something.

“Are you the ‘_____________’ he wrote about in his message?” the female officer asked.

“I think so. When he stole my stuff, he took my license and told me he was going to put it on his nightstand so he could dream about me every night…” You felt like puking at the thought of that perverted creep staring at a photo of you every night. God knows what he did when he looked at it.

“And you say he didn’t hurt you?” the male officer repeated.

Irritated, you grunted, “Yes, he didn’t hurt me. Don’t know why, but he didn’t.”

The male officer leaned forward, folding his hands on the table. “Miss ______________, you were robbed by one of the most dangerous criminals in America. None of his victims have been left without a scratch or injury on them. Some have died because of him. But you, you haven’t been hurt at all.”

“Where are you going with this? I just got lucky, is all,” you insisted, wiping your eyes with the sleeve of your night shirt.

“Well, I think our criminal has taken a liking to you. And if that’s the case…” the male officer paused dramatically. What he said next made your blood cold. “Then I think he’d want to meet you again. Privately.”

Your jaw dropped at his statement. Was he implying that he wanted to use you as bait to lure Allen into the cop’s clutches?

“Are you saying we trap him and use her as bait?!” the female officer cried indignantly, grabbing the male’s collar.

“They’d meet up somewhere and she’d distract him. Meanwhile, the squad would surround the area, then we jump out and, wham! We got him!” the male cop explained.

“Gilbert, I will not let you put this girl’s life in danger. This isn’t some teenager doing graffiti! This is a murderer aka FBI’s Most Wanted!” the female cop screeched.

“Do you have any better plan, Elizabeta?” Gilbert yelled back, wrenching her hand off his collar.

“I’ll do it,” you stated.

The duo stopped their arguing to stare at you incredulously.

“I’ll do it. I’d...I’d feel safer knowing he’s behind bars,” you explained, looking back and forth between the cops.

Did you really want to face Allen again? Of course not! But the male cop, er, Gilbert, did have a point. He didn’t hurt you. Maybe, just maybe, you could somehow get him arrested. You didn’t want him roaming the streets hurting others, and more specifically, coming back for you.

“Honey, no, you don’t have to do this…” Elizabeta reasoned, reaching out to pet your hand reassuringly.

“I want to. I’m scared, but we have to get him arrested as soon as possible. He threatened to kill me if I told the cops about him. And I told you!” You felt tears roll down your cheeks. Elizabeta handed you a small packet of tissues. You took one gratefully.

“He’ll find out eventually, and I don’t feel like waiting for him to break in and kill me,” you explained, sniffling. “That scares me more.”

Gilbert and Elizabeta looked at each other. Elizabeta sighed, adjusting the cap on her head. “Alright, we’ll do it.”

And the whole world has to answer right now

Just to tell you once again, who’s bad...

“Okay, so we’re just going to wait a while,” Gilbert explained. “Maybe a week or two, tops. The police will still be chasing him, this meetup will only happen if we can’t catch him and if the crimes escalate to murder again. If he commits crimes within this time period, he’ll most likely leave messages. If they’re directed at you, Miss ______________, then here’s what you’re going to do.”

You took out a notepad and pencil, jotting down the details of the plan.

“You’ll write a message to him. Where you’ll put it, I’m not sure. But you’ll say you’ve had enough of his creepy messages and you want to confront him, alone. You’ll meet in the abandoned parking lot outside the old shipping warehouse. Meet him there, talk with him, distract him, and we’ll ambush him,” Gilbert finished.

You nodded, finishing your notes.

“What if this doesn’t work? What if he hurts me or tries to kill me?” you questioned.

“We’ll shoot him if it comes to that,” Elizabeta said grimly.

“O-okay…” you shuddered, tearing out your notes and putting them in your pocket.

The cops stood up and shook your hand. “We’ll be in touch with you, Miss _______________.”

And with that, they left. You collapsed on the kitchen chair, plopping your forehead on the cool surface of the table.

Now, your life was depending on them, and their plan.

What did you just agree to?
Bad - Criminal!2p!America x Reader ~ Chapter 3
Will the cops catch Allen, or will you have to confront him yourself?


Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying the story! :)

Part 2 [Previous]:

Part 4 [Next]:

Hetalia doesn't belong to me!

Chapter 2: Identifying the Thief

You stumbled into the house, trying your best to wipe away the snot and tears from your face. Didn’t want to worry your roommates, after all. The quiet murmur of the TV reached your ears, along with chattering of voices in the kitchen. If you just tiptoed to the stairs, maybe they wouldn’t hear you…

“______________?” You cursed yourself, pulling your foot back from the bottom staircase.

“Hi. Katyusha,” you greeted curtly, turning in her direction with a tight smile on your face.

The Ukrainian’s eyebrows furrowed with worry as she approached you. “What happened?” she asked gently.

You broke down immediately, clinging on to the taller girl; tears poured out of your eyes as you sobbed  into Katyusha’s shirt. More footsteps came your way, and two new hands made contact with the top of your head and lower back.

“Hey, chica. What’s the matter?” you heard Antonio ask worriedly.

“Yeah, ___________, is it the coffee guy again? That bastard gives you such a hard time over wanting decaf. If he said something-----”

“No, V-vlad…” you said, finding his hand and squeezing it. “It was...worse…” Sobs wracked your body as the memories of your encounter with that red-eyed man flooded your mind.

“What happened?” Katyusha repeated.

You took in shaky breaths as you replied, “I...I...w-was...robbed.”

“What?!” Vlad shrieked, ripping you from Katyusha’s hold and pulling you to his chest. His warm red eyes stared at you with shock and worry. “Are you hurt? Did he hurt you? Where? Why didn’t you call us?!”

“He had me at gunpoint!” you yelled, pushing away from your overprotective friend. “He shot the gun, but----no bullet. Just messing with me! And, God, he was! And creepy! And he...t-took,” you cried, putting your face in your hands.

Your roommates immediately swarmed you and wrapped you in their arms. You cried for a few minutes, then continued, telling them how he had ambushed you on your way to lunch, held you at gunpoint, almost shot you, took all your things, and creepily hit on you and kissed you.

“He kissed you?!” Antonio fumed, his face redder than the tomatoes he loved to eat.

“K-kinda…” you recollected, shuddering.

“We need to call the police. Now.” Katyusha picked up the phone when you smacked it out of her hand.

“No! He told me if I told anybody what happened he would hurt me-------”

You paused. You...had just told your roommates what happened. That meant…..

“I will find you and bash your brains against the wall.”

You screwed up.

You stared at your friends with horror. “ H-he’s g-g-going to find m-me. I’m s-s-screwed…” You couldn’t help the tears that fell down your face. You were never more scared in your life.

Vlad opened his mouth to say something when you heard a beep come from the TV. The four of you rushed over to the living room and saw the news channel on. Bald Eagle Thief Strikes Again, Leaves Cryptic Message.

You turned the volume up. “....reported hearing a commotion outside and came across a young man being beaten with what looked like a baseball bat. The perpetrator left the scene of the crime before he could be caught, but the manager was able to get a glimpse at his appearance. The young man, who is identified as the CEO of a Fortune500 Company, is currently in the hospital being treated for several injuries. We’ll keep you updated on him. But what’s real interesting is that the manager found a cryptic message left on the side of her bar. Let’s take a look.”

The news program cut to the outside of a bar, where a message was spray painted on with orange paint:


Just thought I went after middle class people, huh? The sky’s the limit. Nobody’s safe. Still dreaming about you, __________~ <3


Bald Eagle


Your heart stopped after finishing the message. No. It couldn’t be the guy who robbed you earlier.

Well they say the sky's the limit

And to me that's really true

But my friend you have seen nothing

Just wait 'til I get through . . .

“We have a sketch of the perpetrator.”

Please, anyone, anyone but him…..

The picture flashed on the screen, and your worst nightmares were conferred. There, staring at you, was the man who had almost taken your life earlier today. Antonio noticed you blanch out of the corner of his eye and he gently held you as you collapsed. He set you down on the couch, wrapping you in his arms.

“It’s him,” you whispered.

“Police identify him as Allen L. Jones, wanted by the FBI for multiple accounts of theft and several accounts of murder across America. He has gone under different aliases, including ‘Freedom Fighter,’ ‘Him,’ and now, ‘Bald Eagle.’”

You and your friends stared in horror. This guy was wanted by the FBI? And a killer? You were almost axed off by a murderer. You were surprised you hadn’t fainted by now.

Because I'm bad, I'm bad

Come on

(Really, Really Bad)

You know I'm bad, I’m bad, you know it!

Come on! You know!

“If anyone has any information on this man, they are advised to call the police and alert them. This was the 10 o’clock news, good night folks.” With that, Antonio shut off the TV. He turned to you.

“Chica, you got to call the policia,” he advised, rubbing your shoulder.

You shook your head. “Allen would hurt me if I told. I can’t tell! I can’t!” Tears poured down your face as you sobbed in Antonio’s arms.

“If you don’t, he’s going to hurt more people. He might hurt you again!” Katyusha cried, tears dotting her eyes. “I don’t want you hurt, ____________!”

“And like if I tell he won’t hurt me!” you spat back. You instantly regretted your outburst as you saw tears fall down her face.

Vlad sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with frustration. “Look, we’re all stressed and tired. Let’s sleep on it. _______________, want to be in my room tonight?”

You nodded, standing from the couch and shuffling over to the Romanian. He picked you up bridal style and carried you up the stairs to his room.

“Night, guys,” he said, peeking over his shoulder at Antonio and Katyusha. You mumbled a soft goodnight, looking over Vlad’s arm at your friends.

Before you were carried into Vlad’s room, you saw the hurt look on Katyusha’s face. You closed your eyes and turned away.

You couldn’t tell the police. You couldn’t. You would be killed instantly. Who knows what this Allen Jones is capable of?

You didn’t want to find out.

Bad - Criminal!2p!America x Reader ~ Chapter 2
You finally figured out who the criminal was, but will he find out you told your friends?


I just realized I never finished publishing the rest of the story here! Whoops~ Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I hope you enjoyed this chapter :)

Part 1 [Previous]:

Part 3 [Next]:

Hetalia doesn't belong to me!


ronibear's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey y'all, I'm Roni! I love to read and write and draw badly in my spare time. Singing and acting are my passion and I hope to be on the Broadway someday lol.

So please feel free to look around, comment, or message me. I love talking to people! :D
I was taggeed by: SMstargazer
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2.-  Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
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10 facts about me:
2) I love to sing and act!!!
3) My dream career is performing on Broadway ((preferably in Wicked))
4) My favorite animals are bats
5) The highest note I can sing is a High F ((ONLY ONCE IN A WHILE))
6) I'm a Features Writer for my school's newspaper and I've won a few journalism awards 
7) My favorite ride at Disneyland is the Indiana Jones ride 
8) I currently have a 4.4 GPA in school
9) I have never kissed anyone 
10) My favorite role I've ever played in a musical has been Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof 

Questions to answer:
1) What is your favorite type of fanart/fanfiction do you like to draw/read?
Writing and reading reader-inserts is my guilty pleasure, haha

2) Have you ever read/written a lemon?

3) Do you like to chat?
If you mean online, yeah I like to send messages to people. Haven't really done a "legit" chat room thing though lol

4) What is it like to have siblings?
It's fun having a brother. I'm not lonely. Although lately he's reverted to a quiet stage where he barely says more than two words at a time to me and hangs out with his friends all the time. But I know he still loves me and I think he'll break out of the quiet stage soon.

5) What's your fave subject in school?
Speech and math. Speech is basically like Drama class, the kids are nice and fun to be with, and my teacher is hilarious. Even though math is death, my teacher is really nice and FUCKING HILARIOUS which makes the class more fun.

6) What is/are your favorite (or the ones that you participate the most in) fandom(s)?
Homestuck, Attack on Titan, Ouran High School Host Club, Disney, Doctor Who, Frozen, Game Grumps, and Harry Potter!

7) What is one thing you can NOT live without?
Internet. If I didn't have internet I wouldn't know what to do with my life.

8) If you were stuck on a deserted island far from civilization what 3 things would you take with you?
How to Build a Raft by Iam Knott Anidiot, year's supply of food and water, and a person who does survival things for a living (like that one dude on TV).

9) Do you do any sports

10) If you could live in one fandom world what would it be?
It's a tie between Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Wizards or traveling through time and space. I CAN'T CHOOSE!

My questions to you:
1) What is your favorite holiday?
2) What are your fears? 
3) You can eat dinner with any 3 people, dead or alive, real or fake. Who would they be?
4) Which fandom(s) do you belong to?
5) Would you rather be: President, Queen, King, Emperor, Tribe Leader, or Overlord? And which land would you rule?
6) Which fictional character(s) would most likely be your best friend(s) in real life?
7) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
8) What's the coolest superpower?
9) Do you like school? If so, what's your favorite class?
10) What are your OTPS (if you have any)?

1) TinyBirdGames
2) Twiitza 
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((honestly you don't have to do this if you don't want to :) This is just for funsies))

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